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Director: Telma Rojas

300 S. Spring Street Suite 1016
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Located on the first floor of the Ronald Reagan building.

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213-897-2991 phone
213-897-1078 fax
Hours: 7:00 am to 6:00 pm

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Licensed for 65 children ranging from infants to pre-K.
License# 198008182, 198008183

Unique Features

Cal-Tot occupies a unique position as one of only a handful of child care centers in the Downtown area. As such it is able to provide working parents the opportunity to be near their children during the day and spend time with their children between work and home. The teacher-parent relationship is particularly strong at Cal-Tot, where parents are frequently in the classroom. Parents are actively involved in both special projects as well as daily assistance. Cal-Tot is a small center with an open layout, and so it avoids an institutional atmosphere.